Kim Kardashian Embraces Tanning Bed for Psoriasis Relief Amidst Controversy

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Kim Kardashian, aged 43, opened up on X (formerly Twitter) on January 19, shedding light on her psoriasis treatment using a tanning bed during a video tour of her SKKN office, where she flaunted interesting decor.

The post occurred as a response to a post published by Allure, in which an article was cited describing their surprise at seeing a tanning bed.

According to the headline of the article, “Please, Kim Kardashian, Don’t Try to Normalize Tanning Beds” stressing how tanning beds can lead to skin cancer, the article is urging people to refrain from using tanning beds.

According to Kim in response to the article, she only uses the medication from time to time due to a medical condition which she mentioned in her response.

When I have psoriasis, it helps when it’s at its worst, so I always use it when it’s bad. She went on to write, “I don’t use it too often, but when I do, I use it a lot.”.

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Setting the record straight, the article counters Kim’s claim about tanning beds aiding psoriasis, underlining the potential harm of UV exposure. It cites dermatologist Dr. Shasa Hu’s insights from a 2021 interview.

Breaking it down, the doctor explained that sunburn, seen as systemic skin injury, can set off psoriasis flares. This caution applies to both natural sunlight and the use of tanning beds.

In the clip, Kim proudly displays her tanning and red-light beds, quipping, “I’m Kim Kardashian; of course, I have a tanning bed.” The office tour reveals additional items like magazine covers, a mannequin, a 3-D brain model, and a “product shrine.”

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