Dolly Parton Cheers Beyoncé’s Country Hit

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Hey there, folks. Gather ’round because we’ve got some spicy news from the music world that’s got everyone talking.

Picture this: the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton, tipping her cowboy hat to none other than Queen Bey, Beyoncé. Yep, you heard that right.

So, Dolly, at a youthful 78, took to Instagram last week to shower some love on Beyoncé, who’s rocking it at 42.

Dolly couldn’t contain her excitement about Beyoncé diving into the country scene with her latest jam, “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

She even congratulated Beyoncé for snagging the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Now, that’s some serious recognition.

Now, why all the fuss? Well, let me tell ya. Beyoncé just made history by becoming the first black woman to hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

And she did it with “Texas Hold ‘Em,” a foot-stomping, bluegrassy anthem that pays homage to her Houston roots. Talk about breaking barriers and slaying stereotypes.

But wait, there’s more. “Texas Hold ‘Em” isn’t just ruling the country charts; it’s also climbing up the Hot 100 chart, landing itself snugly at No. 2.

And who’s keeping Beyoncé company at the top? None other than Jack Harlow with his catchy tune, “Lovin’ on Me.”

Dolly Parton Cheers Beyoncé's Country Hit!
Image Source: NYPOST

Now, here’s where it gets even juicier. Beyoncé sent shockwaves through the music world when she casually dropped the bombshell during a Super Bowl commercial for Verizon, revealing she’s got a whole new album cookin’ up.

Sneaky, but we’re not complaining.

And get this: “Texas Hold ‘Em” is just the appetizer. Beyoncé’s serving up the main course with her upcoming album “Renaissance: Act II,” set to hit the airwaves on March 29.

And if “Texas Hold ‘Em” is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride.

But hold on to your cowboy hats, folks, ’cause the ride ain’t over yet. Beyoncé dropped another track from the album earlier this month called “16 Carriages.”

Looks like Queen Bey is pulling out all the stops for this musical masterpiece.

Now, let’s talk accolades. Beyoncé isn’t just making waves; she’s making history. With a whopping 88 Grammy nominations and 32 wins under her belt, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

And now, with “Texas Hold ‘Em,” she’s etching her name even deeper into the music history books.

But hey, not everyone’s ready to welcome Beyoncé with open arms into the country club.

Case in point: an Oklahoma country radio station that caused a stir by initially refusing to spin “Texas Hold ‘Em.” Talk about a country-sized controversy.

So, there you have it, folks. The Queen of Country giving a nod to Queen Bey, making history, and stirring up some good old-fashioned music drama along the way.

Who said the music scene was boring, huh?

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