No Time Lyrics – Young Boy Never Broke Again

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A new English song, “No Time Lyrics” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is sung by him throughout its entirety, it features the music presented by D-Roc, ProdSkolo, LoneGud, and BeatsByJuko. No Time lyrics were written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. In the United States, this song is very popular.

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No Time Lyrics - Young Boy Never Broke Again

No Time Lyrics – Young Boy Never Broke Again Song details:

Song TitleNo Time
SingerYoungBoy Never Broke Again
MusicianD-Roc, ProdSkolo, LoneGud, BeatsByJuko
LyricistYoungBoy Never Broke Again

No Time Lyrics – Young Boy Never Broke Again

Phantom comin’ out bigger than a lie
Fuck these niggas, I’m gettin’ richer, I can find no time

[Verse 1]
Down that block, lil nigga, I can come buy out the corner
I’m not trustin’ these hoes, what I tell my momma
Comma, comma, come and cross my line, be Makonnen
I been wit’ that drama, cross that line I push the button on somethin’
Diamond chain from Carti, don’t know why he didn’t start me

Bitch, I ain’t tryna market, I don’t know why the label bought me
Bitch, I ain’t tryna party, I’m sittin’ high on my horse seat
My wife wan’ buy horses, I mistake that shit for ‘Rarri
Not sorry, I’m glad what the streets done taught me

See, I made it out that cell block, grew from out that concrete
Still inside of them crackеrs bed, still my past still haunt me
Feel I failed that I ain’t finish school, but I still wеnt got some money
My kids can’t do that shit I do, what I done wasn’t cool, wasn’t funny
I’m tryna see who got a hundred million for me

You shouldn’t have to prove you love me, that shit I should see
Those things I feel I should know, take it for what it seems
I’m the type wake up and buy a house when I get bored
If my wife go on a shoppin’ spree, don’t buy one thing, ignore it
I get everything that I want when I get a check and I can afford it
I want to buy that hockey team from whoever, in BR

I been blowin’ that check, investin’, condo and Bentley, I want one
Fuck that bitch, I think she sexy, fuck that bitch and keep it goin’, ho
Fuck who out there reppin’, tell that nigga I done won
Tell ’em test me and stay the fuck up out the way of all my sons, ho

Phantom, comin’ out bigger than a lie
Fuck these niggas, I’m gettin’ richer, I can’t find no time

[Verse 2]
I been spendin’ all these bands on these ho’s
Most ones claim that they love me
Lost friends from saying no, guess those ones was not for me
Eight hundred thousand dollar AP, this shit ain’t a game
Patek rose gold, blue face on me, Lebron James
Ok, they already know me, I blow the brain

Rap nigga, fuck nigga wan’ diss me, he get put in the frame
Tell my daddy, can’t nobody come cripple me, I got this, I’m a man
I had them millions before them people came and deal wit’ me
I can do it again
In here with Jason, makin’ sure they never get rid of me
I ain’t got time for playin’

I murder all of these niggas up inside the industry, better stick to your plan
I got that pink diamond, that’s a whole half a ticket on my hand
Yo’ bitch no slime, but I got her shining, that’s why she don’t want her man
Pull that Porsche out at eleven, ain’t come back ’til nine (Fuck is wrong with her?)
Fuck you been? I think this bitch been playin’ wit’ my mind

She want to invest
Look, invest and stay off the internet
Lit and we don’t fuck with them
What they in, we don’t get into that
Our time is worth way more than them
Held it down, I was deservin’ them

Treated me like they ain’t see me here
They was stabbin’ me in my fuckin’ back
And I was turnin’ ’round and always there
Hope your bank account come out big as mine
Real nigga, that ain’t even my type of lie

No Time official video – Young Boy Never Broke Again

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