Old Days Lyrics & Meaning – Lil Durk

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As the rapper reflects on his life experiences, family connections, and challenges in the streets, “Old Days” by Lil Durk tells the story of the rapper’s upbringing and the struggles he faced as a young adult.

Aside from expressing love for his family, he also discusses personal struggles and the changing dynamics of the streets.

Loss, loyalty, and the desire for a better, more peaceful life are the themes of the lyrics.

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Old Days Lyrics & Meaning - Lil Durk

Old Days Lil Durk Song Details:

Song TitleOld Days
Album/ArtistsLil Durk
Written byLil Durk, Southside
Released OnFebruary 23, 2024
Produced & composed bySouthside & Smatt

Old Days Lyrics & Meaning – Lil Durk

[Intro: Lil Durk]
You know, I been talkin’ to my family on group FaceTime
They don’t ask me for nothin’, they just tell me that they miss me,
know what I’m sayin’?
I be, I be tellin’ ’em it ain’t about money, but I’ma send it anyways,
know what I’m sayin’? I love y’all

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
All the times I said granny, that’s the passion that it’s from
Her condition scared me so much, I ain’t visit her in months (Uh)
Chino visit me more than them and he only visit me just once (Uh)
The older rats got out before Unc’ and they around here like it’s nothin’
How many niggas I used to fuck with told me fuck me over money?

Said thе block gon’ get on his ass,
that’s why he ain’t nevеr make a comment
The autopsy of Von body had me coughin’ up my vomit
I miss the old days, the old ways, my history iconic
I was takin’ so many pills, I was so high, I abused it
Started sellin’ Percs, I turned around and started to use it

Took my name off rehab, I replaced my name with Doodie’s
Had to get a pacemaker, my heart was skippin’ deuces
Jumpin’ over hurdles, Smurk life so exclusive
Ain’t lied yet ’bout nothin’ I wish I could stop the war,
I really wanna live in peace

I wish I could stop the war, but it’s too late for them to speak (Oh)
I want the politics in my pocket, I wanna treat the ‘Raq like Meek
But it’s me, I’ll do everything to show them I ain’t weak
I’m the streets, who would’ve thought I’d make a million off of beats?
And it’s Smurk now, they can make millions off of me

[Chorus: Lil Durk]
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I will be prayin’ for the street, ni**a
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I will be prayin’ for the street, ni**a

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Tell Petey that I miss him, can somebody give my number to him?
Plus he lost his son, that’s my lil’ cousin, he got trauma to him (Oh)
Crib hot, window up, blackout, thunderstorm
Rondo mama know I love her even though I ain’t been talkin’ to her
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Play with me, get backdoored, he rather let the poppers do it

Don’t get shot on my block ’cause St. Bernard ain’t got no trauma unit (Oh)
He was filled with Xans and lean, now he filled with embalmin’ fluid (Oh)
The killers gotta step in for the peace, can’t no rappers do it, I can
Shout out to who locked up who was locked in (Oh)

Where them bloggers at that said Smurkio not top ten?
(Woah, woah, woah)
I beat my case in 2014, they let the cops in
You can’t find no peace today, go walk inside a masjid (Oh)

Now you got real street niggas that want motherfuckers in jail
So we into it with the opps, which is the police
The police, which is the— it’s like, come on, bro, like the streets over with
Niggas gotta understand that shit, man, it’s nothin’ left out here, bro

Like, you just gotta protect yourself, protect your family, who you love
You can’t be around all this shit, this shit ain’t the same no more
You got rats doin’ interviews,
you got everybody stickin’ together who doin’ the wrong shit, bro
We real stand up ni**as

Like, when was it ever cool to backdoor somebody you love?
When it was ever cool to set somebody up who you love?
Like, this, this, this the new streets, like, I don’t wanna be a part of that shit
I wanna be a part of the, of the generational wealth part
Where it’s still leadership around, when it’s still organized, like
That’s why I don’t never respond to shit

I’ll never get on no interview and talk about nothin’
Whoever say somethin’ about me, go on ‘head
I never responded to no nigga in years, but guess what?
I never been bitched, I never been slapped, I never been robbed, none of that shit
So have fun, but all real niggas fuck with me and they know what’s up with me

(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I will be prayin’ for the street, ni**a
(Wow-wow, wow-wow) I will be prayin’ for the street, ni**a

Old Days song meaning Lil Durk

There are several things about Lil Durk’s “Old Days” song that reflect on the rapper’s experience, family connections, as well as his struggles in the streets, that are reflected in the lyrics.

In this piece, he expresses his love for his family, provides an insight into his struggles, and comments on the dynamic changes that are taking place on the streets.

There are several themes addressed in the song, including loss, loyalty, and the desire to live a peaceful and happy life, among others.

[Verse 1]

The first verse of the song mentions the health of Lil Durk’s grandmother, admitting that his fear prevented him from visiting her. His thoughts also turn to old friends, betrayals over money, and the impact of street life on his health. In the verse, the rapper talks about how he turned to drug use and selling.


During the chorus, Lil Durk talks about how he hopes the streets will change for the better. His reflections on street life are infused with a contemplative tone through “wow-wow.”

[Verse 2]

As the verse continues, specific messages are sent to specific individuals, including a message to Petey about a family member suffering from trauma. During the lyrics, Lil Durk mentions backdoor incidents, medical shortages, and the consequences of street conflicts. Aside from legal matters, he is also accused of past crimes.


As the rapper expresses his disenchantment with the prevalence of betrayal and lack of honor in the streets, the interlude expresses his viewpoint on the changing dynamic in the streets. Rather than engaging in destructive behaviors, Lil Durk seeks generational wealth and leadership.


This chorus reinforces the rapper’s promise to change the environment in which he speaks by praying for the streets.


On the other hand, Lil Durk emphasizes the importance of self-protection and family care within street culture. Betraying loved ones and setting them up are two negative aspects of the changing streets, which he rejects. Throughout the outro, the rapper is shown to be resilient and unwilling to participate in harmful behaviors.

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