Audi unveils the 2025 Q6 and SQ6 e-tron, its third series of electric SUVs.

The first Audi models were made on Volkswagen Group's Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which was made in Ingolstadt, Germany.

It features a new cockpit layout and electrical architecture and targets the luxury electric SUV market.

The exterior design is classic Audi, with sleek Sportback versions to come.

European models have advanced lighting, while U.S. models have regulatory restrictions.

Size-wise, they fit between Q4 and Q8 e-Tron, offering spacious interiors and cargo space.

Interior boasts sustainable materials, OLED displays, and new Android-based infotainment.

It features AI voice control, augmented reality navigation, and a premium audio system.

They are equipped with extensive driver-assistance technology and optional advanced systems.

It launches with dual-motor, all-wheel drive; a high-performance SQ6 variant is available.

New 94.4-kWh battery, fast charging up to 270 kW, and compatibility with Tesla Superchargers planned.

Mechanical differences between Porsche Macan EVs include towing capacity and varied wheel sizes.

U.S. pricing is expected to start around $66,000 for Q6 and $72,000 for SQ6 e-tron.

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