Why Denver International Airport has become one of the world's fastest-growing airports?

Denver Airport (DIA) had its busiest year ever.

Despite airline stocks not fully recovering, a surge of passengers returned to the Colorado hub.

CEO Phil Washington expects 78 million passengers in 2023, surpassing forecasts.

Established in 1995 for 50 million passengers, DIA plans for 100 million yearly by 2027.

OAG notes Denver rose from 21st busiest in 2019 to sixth in 2023 globally.

United Airlines dominates DIA with 46.7%, followed by Southwest (30.7%) and Frontier (9.7%).

Denver is now United's busiest hub, with a $1 billion investment for expansion.

60% of United's customers connect from other places, reflecting Denver's growth.

Jonna McGrath, VP of Denver Airport operations, targets 650 daily flights by 2030.

CNBC explores strategies to meet rising demand at United's Denver operations.