The Fusilier is Ineos's first electric vehicle, but the company hasn't ruled out internal combustion engines completely. 

This off-roader will also be available with a range extender engine so the owner can go as far off the beaten path as they like.

As a slightly smaller version of Ineos' first model, the Grenadier, the Fusilier will be powered exclusively by electric motors.

However, the company will also be able to equip it with a "small" gas engine for charging the batteries if there is no electricity nearby.

In the Dakar rally, the Audi RS Q e-tron took first place using a similar setup. Though not unique, the setup is effective.

"We realized early on that we would need a mix of powertrain technologies to move towards decarbonization that-

would still make cars that consumers want to drive," Ineos Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe said. To address this issue, we offer an additional engine for the-

Fusilier, one with a dramatic reduction in emissions, but with a sufficient range and refueling capabilities for the aircraft."

A steel body with aluminum doors has been attached to a bespoke skateboard platform, according to Ineos.

The company has not yet provided performance figures, but last summer it predicted a range of 249 miles (400 kilometers) for its electric platform.

Magna, in Austria, has also been instrumental in developing the Fusilier, in the same way as it did the Genadier.

Off-road vehicles are a specialty of the company, and it manufactures Mercedes G-Class vehicles.

Volkswagen has also commissioned the development of upcoming electric off-road vehicles for the Scout brand.

Several trials will be conducted on the Schöckl mountain as part of the extensive testing program for the Fusilier, according to the manufacturer.

When the project is completed, Magna's Graz facility will be responsible for producing the product. Automaker announced in the summer of last year-

that it would launch its electric off-roader in 2026. Lynn Calder, the CEO of Ineos Automotive, said, "The launch of our third model line represents another-

significant milestone for the company, further demonstrating its intent to be a long-term player in the automotive industry.

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