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Kia's Top-End K9 Sedan Gets Stylish Upgrade

The Kia K9, previously known as the K900, is Kia's largest and most luxurious sedan.

The 2024 model, updated in South Korea, features minor visual changes and improved standard equipment.

Initially launched in 2018, the car received a significant update in 2021,

not offered in the US, and now has a second, more subtle facelift.

Design updates include a refined grille with a thinner chrome bezel and-

horizontal pattern, new 19-inch alloy wheels, and a "Pebble Gray" color option.

Inside, there are new color schemes, USB-C ports, a fire extinguisher,

improved air conditioning, and new Ergo motion seats in high-end models.

The car retains its six-cylinder engines: a 3.8-liter with 311 hp and a turbocharged-

3.3-liter with 365 hp, both with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The 5.0-liter V8 option was dropped in 2021.

In South Korea, the 2024 Kia K9's price ranges from 59.33 million won for the base model to 86.85 million won for the top trim.

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