United asks pilots to take unpaid time off

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By Lyrical world

United Airlines is requesting its pilots to voluntarily take unpaid leave next month due to delays in aircraft deliveries from Boeing.

This issue highlights Boeing’s ongoing production problems and safety concerns, affecting growth plans for its airline customers.

United’s anticipated flight hours for 2024 have decreased because of delayed deliveries of Boeing 787 and 737 planes, affecting various fleets.

The airline had already planned to halt pilot hiring this spring due to these delays.

United is expected to offer more unpaid leave opportunities to pilots during the summer and possibly into the fall.

The airline had agreements to receive several Boeing 737 Max planes this year but will get fewer than expected.

It also removed Boeing Max 10s from its delivery schedule due to certification delays and uncertainty.

United’s CEO Scott Kirby has been vocal about Boeing’s delivery delays and production issues,

exacerbated by recent incidents like a door plug malfunction on a Boeing 737 Max 9.

Other airlines, such as Southwest and Alaska Airlines, are also facing challenges due to-

Boeing’s delivery delays and have adjusted their hiring and capacity plans.

Boeing’s CEO Dave Calhoun announced his departure at the end of the year amid these challenges and a leadership overhaul at the company.

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