Lola Cars Teams Up with Yamaha

Lola Cars Revival: Lola was started by Eric Broadley in 1958 and became a well-known name in racing, but it went bankrupt in 2012.

Till Bechtolsheimer brought the name back to life in 2022 by buying the rights and assets of the company,

he wanted to make Lola a significant player in racing partnerships again.  

Partnership with Yamaha: Lola and Yamaha have agreed to work together on building electric powertrains for-

several years so that Lola can compete in Formula E starting in 2025. Yamaha will provide the electric-

motor, which will help it reach its goals of carbon neutrality and electricity.  

Lola and Yamaha are working together on an electric engine unit, including energy and control systems software.

They are preparing for the 2025 Formula E season with a new car design and rules. Lola's Silverstone base will be used for the first test run. 

Technology Development: As part of Yamaha's involvement, a motor initially made for the Subaru STI E-RA is being changed to-

meet Formula E's 350-kW power standard. This is a smart move into electric racing and a show of new technology. 

Plans for the future and bigger goals: Lola is looking into possibilities beyond Yamaha, like selling engine sets to other teams, especially-

with the Gen4 Formula E car coming out soon. Their goal is to develop an electric base using cutting-edge software technologies. 

Leadership and Vision: Mark Preston, who has succeeded in Formula E, is in charge of Lola's motorsport section.

He focuses on making new technologies and systems for electric racing cars.  

Exploration of Sustainable Technologies: Lola is working on electric powertrains and looking into hydrogen-

powered options and environmentally friendly fuels and materials. They plan to take part in the 2027 Le Mans hydrogen test. 

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