At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Ryan Gosling 43 received the Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film.

During his acceptance speech, he thanked his wife Eva Mendes and their two daughters.

He recalled how acting led him to the girl of his dreams and led to the birth of two dream children.

By turning his life into a dream through acting, he has achieved his dream of becoming a movie maker.

Gosling humorously admitted he was not prepared for the moment and joked about needing more champagne.

During his speech he paid tribute to Greta Gerwig and Steve Carrell, who introduced him with touching tributes.

An awestruck Gosling compared himself to Barbie's Ken after receiving the Kirk Douglas award.

During his year-long homeschooling, his mom Donna introduced him to acting.

Despite facing challenges Gosling acknowledged that his acting journey helped him support his mom financially.

He highlighted the importance of playing different roles in discovering his own identity.

Actors such as Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, and Kirk Douglas were mentioned as

influences in Gosling's early films. Director Cecil B. DeMille mentioned his early influences.

He concluded his speech by expressing gratitude to those who supported him on his acting journey.