The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on Thursday that Volkswagen will recall

more than 261,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada as part of a recall to fix a problem with a suction-

jet pump seal inside their fuel tanks, which could cause a leak and pose a fire hazard.

The recall extends to some front wheel drive Audi A3 sedans, Audi a3 coupes, and Volkswagen Jetta GLIs -

from the 2015-2020 model years. It also applies to some 2015-2020 Golf Sportwagens, 2015-2017

Golf Sportwagens, 2015-2020 Golf GTIs, and 2015-2020 Golf GTIs.

Fuel is purged from the EVAP system using the suction jet pump located inside the fuel tank, according to a letter sent to dealers-

by the company. There is a possibility that fuel may flow directly into the EVAP system if a particular seal inside an affected suction jet pump fails.

Volkswagen added that this type of scenario may result in fuel accumulating in the EVAP system and leaking through the-

charcoal canister filter element, resulting in an ignition source that may ignite the leaking fuel.

If fuel has accumulated in the EVAP system of customers' vehicles, customers may-

experience refueling issues, including early nozzle stopping or spillback. In addition to smelling fuel, drivers and passengers may also notice a smell of fuel.

To have the vehicle diagnosed, Volkswagen Group recommends contacting an authorized dealer.

According to a statement released by Volkswagen, "Volkswagen takes the safety of its customers very seriously" and it will "replace the suction jet pump no matter what."

Affected vehicles will receive a free replacement of their suction pumps from their dealers.

The fix for the fuel pump problem will be notified to dealers and vehicle owners in writing once it is available.

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