overcompensate Lyrics | Twenty One Pilots

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overcompensate Lyrics | Twenty One Pilots. Hey there, music enthusiasts! We are about to jump into Twenty One Pilots‘ song Overcompensate.

So if you haven’t experienced it, perhaps you should be quite prepared.

Picture this: (TG) Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the DJs who make genre-blending magic and keep it at Twenty One Pilots, don’t disappoint with the release of their latest single “Overcompensate.” 

It’s like they served indie, pop, and something like electronic food all together and made a hit.

The lyrics? Oh, they’re a journey. Tyler’s innermost thoughts take you along and open the door to his mind, in which he presents different ideas, feelings, and pressures to compete with the outside world. 

Now, let’s talk beats. Being the drummer of this band, Josh has drumming skills that are like a heartbeat which pumps life and energy into the song. 

The “overcompensate” beat is catching, and you will feel yourself subconsciously agreeing to it in many different situations, whether it’s driving, attending a party, or just relaxing in your room.

“Overcompensate” does not limit itself to being just a song, it is also an experience. It’s the song you bob your head to, one that reminds you of something or someone, one that you can’t get over. 

Therefore, if you’re a dedicated fan of Twenty One Pilots or just a newly minted listener, have a go at “Overcompensate” – your ears will appreciate it.

so enjoy the overcompensated Lyrics | Twenty One Pilots, feel free to communicate in the comment section. and do share with your friends and family.

overcompensate Lyrics | Twenty One Pilots

overcompensate Lyrics | Twenty One Pilots

Earned my stripes, 300 tracks in my Adidas track jacket,
Bless your ear holes while you react,
Acting gobsmacked don’t hesitate to maybe overcompensate,
I feel like I was just here, same twitching in my eyes,
Don’t sleep on a boy who can’t fall asleep twice,
In the same night and won’t hesitate to maybe overcompensate.

I fly by the dangerous bend symbol,
Don’t hesitate to maybe overcompensate,
And then by the time I catch it in my peripheral,
Don’t hesitate to maybe overcompensate.

Where am I from? I was born right here, just now,
Originated right in front of your eyes,
If you can’t see, I am Clancy,
Prodigal son, done running, come up with Josh Dun,
Wanted dead or alive,
So now you pick who you serve,
You bow to the masses,
Get kicked to the curb,
For passing the classes,
Half empty, half full, save half for your taxes,
Then overtake your former self.

Days feel like a perfect length,
I don’t need them any longer,
but for goodness sake,
Do the years seem
way too short for my soul,

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